The dream broke into empty

Good luck, I cherish. Geopolitical do, I'm away.

Set foot on a stranger, find a strange scene, an unfamiliar song. Life, walking in the adverse circumstance, to mature in the corner. Nostalgic is a kind of feelings, cannot arouse the past memories, just years static good, Dream beauty pro hard sell still see the world in static good sunshine, guarding their own piece of heaven and earth. Love and hate into empty, only the spirit forever.

Time shuttle in between you and me, flowers bloom eventually fade, sea of waves, becomes the dream will become empty. No wound healing, no endless despair. Under the starry sky, luxuriant appearance, jing sparked a wang water mark, bleak season spring and summer. Fireworks easy cold, people walk tea cool, keep iraqis in the sad.

Mr. Xia new cicada, drizzle v. sadness. The lamp, and a beautiful encounter, the lonely light in the darkness of the night. Distance, missing scatter tianya stranger, the youth was over.

Again beautiful also enemy but the adaptation of the time in life, reality and dream me cruelly segmentation in Taiwan. Like a fish out of water, Dream beauty pro that moment, everything will collapse. Tears across the cheek, just know to let go is another kind of understand. A dust in the universe will take time.

Life is like a dream, at the moment, that time has gone with the wind. Don't be sorrow on the life of dies, why apply colours to a drawing, no cold, no emotional.

We just passing of time, time left in our face vicissitudes of life, we are unable to change. Small life, it's so great, life is a journey, only full of faith, to perform a persistent feelings. But in the world, many people go with the flow, his heart to the secular, unencumbered by others, I gou.

The years still, find a pure land, meditation, Dream beauty pro only for the flowers. Bearing the confusion, leave sad heart. The moment of tears, wanders in the wind, I sad to spare.

When I and mist. Turn around, the dream has become empty.
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April showers of rain, reminds me of you

The ceaseless rain, quietly telling the separation. Night was tick lullaby fell asleep, the grass, sucking the spring rain, closed his sleep. Only like the words I am difficult to fall asleep, Dream beauty pro sound of raindrops whisper back in April, sound. Feeling she gave me sweet singing, teary ending, beautiful and romantic!
Like in this way, quietly enjoy her gentle, holy and flawless, purity kind into heart girl. Cold heart warming up. Rainy night is quiet and serene, out of the window, the street light is the rain opens the channel, let her in no moon night, not lonely, not lonely. Make friends with road and light company.
That's very kind of wet night, quiet, wet. Open the music, a nice soft music, soft sweet. Well, for a long time have no such a night, the familiar melody rose and music quietly spread over the body, in the mind most deep place.
Suddenly, deeply intoxicated by the scene. Perfection of emotion is unbearable, I with heart. Through and complete the past come to mind, say don't want to him, it is hard to give up the waiting for you. I don't know whether he like me thinking!
Once love why become strange, love is like life, can't again. I know the truth, but real face, teach me how to put down!
Now that I am for him, also is just a stranger. I walk in the rain, he won't be for my love. I just want to fly with him, and it is everlasting, as long as once had, I'm really think so.
Easy control at the moment of mood, meticulous care, Dream beauty pro now became a waxing the wounds from rain or shine!
I am a sentimental woman, put too much touching will retain dedicated to him, maybe I'm watering the flowers in the water because of too many, will only lead to flowers and trees is no breath in them.
These days, have been reflect on yourself, why amorous behind, is helpless and sadness.
Misery life itself has much, what about one more time. Without painful moment respectively, you will not cherish me. At the foot of the mountains, a wisp of affection silk earn not to take off. Even when the situation such as fire, the in the mind to who say. Lonely figure, lonely mood, I will be quiet of go away? Or to get him back? Don't know there are so many helpless, wandering, struggling...
Desire of the heart ripple back and forth between he and I, a person is always difficult to fall asleep at night, just want to close my eyes as if you were just around the corner.
In fact that's not you, just want you to feel. I also want to meet you in the dream, a person in a dream and you even match, Dream beauty pro looking at the slowly leave you that kind of sad feeling, so we have to keep the tears in eyes.
I think of you in my dream, I read in a dream of you. But now you are really gone? I would like to accompany you forever, I want to with you forever. Even if just would also be willing to meet me in the dream, I will miss you everyday, put you in my heart, when you are in my dream you!
Sleepless tonight, I don't want to say goodbye, it is difficult to meet as well as difficult. Tears to see your smiling face, the in the mind how many words don't say that finish, to keep time in today. Life can have several such a night, Dream beauty pro the rest of my life can have several times don't want to say goodbye!
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Meet a summer flower fragrance

In July, scorching sun. Walking in the street, as if suddenly caught in a heat wave, it is a season of enthusiastic. All the plants are spelled out strength, to muster all his strength, want to be in the short season, blooming life wonderful and gorgeous.

You see, the climbing perch on trumpet creeper, boasting of her gorgeous, Red Wine Cellars and the white and fragrant gardenia, blooming quietly. The most attractive gentleman's eyes is the water, lotus, pool with beautiful, graceful, and fragrance waft. As well as various unknown carefree flowers by the road, are free to give vent to the youth, scrambling to hold out a chamber enthusiasm. No, that's not a flower, is a hot heart, a burning feeling.

In this season, walk into nature, in a spend a grass, feel the time in dribs and drabs, look for one shade, let the heart return to the original that simple.

Life is a life time, plant an autumn, when the summer flowers, to understand the true essence of life with gratitude.

Meet in July, I have too much feeling. Because two years ago today, is also the season of green onion cage, I started my writing career. Back in two years, a cheng landscape, wind and rain all the way, the paths full of fragrance. I diligently sow joy, in July this year, finally had a small harvest. LianYun corpus "do a every flower, grace alone the youth" costumes, and it is issued in the xinhua bookstore and dangdang, jingdong joyo. This will be a milestone in the journey of my life.

This was a woman fireworks, never dared to usurp the role of lotus. Because the holy lotus and elegant, not ordinary people can arrive. Oi-lin alone, I only hope that you can pick up lotus in the bun, read the lotus is static, we never know the heart don't dye. Blowing a piece rooted in the soil, a piece in the water, Dream beauty pro and then holding out an exquisitely carved lotus nut, quietly elegant is out of the dust.

If there is no sludge, I will not be able to absorb enough nutrition, also lost the power of growth, if there is no clear spirit of water, I will be what I'm washing my darkened soul? So, disturbing the world, is my root, text is washing water from my heart. Therefore, I like every morning bell and evening drum reminders of the days, stop in front of a flower, grass, to life, and then move yourself. With hill, to depict colorful life, with out like rain of feelings, to decorate a beautiful dream.

"If the world to pain kiss me, I will report to the song."

Impermanence, went to too many kinds of joys and sorrows.there slowly know, life is a bear, life is a kind of practice. Just in the process of practice, you need to use a grateful heart to experience. All of the pain and frustration, are in hone your mind, in the end, you will find that it is a great wealth, it makes your life more rich and thick.

Always think, man alive, is always a bit of a spiritual beliefs and pursuit, don't waste this life only once. At least tried, strive for, even if not success, also without regret. A dream in your heart, take every ordinary day, all the poetry, know in the limited life, blooming distinctive fascinating, live out the unique yourself.

Always believe that life is a walk alone, no one can accompany you forever. Among them, meet, separation, and have a dream, with hope, there is pain, HKUE amec have missed, gratitude every time I meet, I cherish every love, even if the separation, also has, after all, the beauty of the brush.

The hills across the water, are the kindness that one heavy. Along the way, this touched me most is that many had given me support and encouragement of friends. Although never met, but you always the same, leave the company, really gave me the courage, I made myself firmly. Can say, without you, there is no today of I, your encouragement, my power, to accompany you, my warm.

When my words, and recommendations on the Internet, when I am writing in the journal for the first time, when my words, is gold volume coupon test of chongqing as a high school, I was glad. But rejoice, not sigh, because I know, I also need precipitation, need further study and experience. A long way to go, long way to go, since chose, don't give up.

Hand in hand, meet the time, I would like in the journey of life, with the mind to sing. If can, I wish to be a plant grass, rooted in the earth, live out their own strong, If can, I wish to be a summer flowers, elegant youth alone, in the stage of life, with irreplaceable posture, dance out is not the same wonderful. People appreciate, there is no applause, in their own world, quietly in full bloom.

If you like, I will wait for you in the flower.
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