Empty sorrow alone

Sweeping distress call I don't know what to do, I also don't know is how to handle these tedious things well.

A smile less, missed a chance. Even if I read again good, also cancel my cowardice.

Always say hard efforts, but also don't know what you are doing every day. Seems to be busy, there are a lot of things to do, but there were somehow don't know what they're doing every day, do something, let the time to dye the white boy, but still don't know what to do.

Look at it every day in the effort, and look at yourself. Those efforts than I am continued efforts, I won't be back again how can give up.

With a landscape painting, a dance, whose silhouette is a spot color ink, and a beautiful chengdu, a moss qu... Want to learn to draw learn literature singing dance to learn calligraphy, but nothing, I don't know what to do. Fed up with their own always fall by the wayside unwillingly, I think I'll have to effort, one day I can do it.

A speech of let me realized very failure, always proud of the effort to himself, always think oneself is very severe, can other people don't have to work hard can kill me. No talent, I can only efforts. No high IQ, I can only efforts. No other people's good, I can only efforts. Only by working hard constantly efforts, can be comparable with others. Broken cocoon into a butterfly must go through a painful struggle, the plum flower fragrance experience would always, I'll follow suit. I will try for yourself, I can.

Every day is like a boat in the boundless sea without a compass didn't know what to where, allow yourself to drift with the wind, don't know what to do. To learn! Yes, as a student, we are still learning, in addition to learning but even just learning all learn bad that what is good. I know it's the most important task is to learn, counter attack for the watch is so far are slim but she was looking forward to take a big step of university. Learn to bully counter attack into slag. Counter attack? ! Is difficult, but I will strive for. At least let yourself think of can smile said, after then I have been very hard also do force, I don't regret... Such as enough.

Others laugh at me too crazy, look not to wear my joke. Want to make life the same than every day, silly smile, laugh too simple and naive, carefree laughter, laughing without fear. Sometimes meditation I how can be so insensitive, not such as I grew up in parents care how can children laughing. Think of before will feel very grievance, why other people can grow up in the parents accompany me happy, but I didn't. Now think about actually also will be sad, just understand now, there are some things, even if tears one thousand lines also of no help. Rather sad river, happy life, if a smile can be the solution thousand sorrow an might it not? ! But who can really do it? !

I will cry will laugh will make. , bratty vexatious before, now only the years static good, by the time gradually to the edges and corners. Some people say that this change was to produce it, unable to answer, just sneer at. As time goes by we are always in constant growth, growing up means to change something, that call to grow, how is?

Modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind. Every time a little bit of progress will make oneself happy. Always feel oneself is becoming more and more secular, love competition with person, love to fight, love and people, perhaps living in this complicated society was supposed to be so, but I still do not want to become not like themselves. To truly competitive they said helpless, if it makes me become more outstanding, I think I can be accepted.

Buttonwood tears with jin, it is the ancient women's sorrow. Happy I can through their own efforts, let I can smile when passing buttonwood calm.
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Traces of life

Mother, my dearest, although long gray hair, gaunt face, long past the septuagenarian mother. Away from me. I started to cry, tears, hoarse, deep sorrow. After waking up, found to be a nightmare. Fortunately, thanks to a dream. However, the mother is really old, especially the father. Their health than ever before. See the way they are now, let me heartache. I love people always say, caring for the elderly can not wait Dream beauty pro. But not every day around their own side. Can not always take care of them. Speaking to feel ashamed. Dream crying what use is it?

A six-time activities, we in the hot air services for those children. Hot and tired, but to see them so excited, we Zaikuzailei, willingly. Let us also led to a change of mind, let us also participated in the tug of war and basketball. Our old arm old legs, also invested than it. The only feeling is powerless. After a few days, we all like've been sick. Tired, aching muscles. Do nothing. Really satisfied with the old die. We really no longer a youth.

Locked himself in the room, listening to the content of national culture. From time to time to stand up and look out of the sky. Yanghwa flying in the sky. Carefree, nothing is something. It so blind flying aimlessly. Overcast days are so casually together. Flirting with the expectations of farmers, how they want some rain, wake them those crops dead nor alive, let them soaring up, long into their eyes bright, full of heart, filling with happiness. However, just as a joke, a cruel joke. Yu Dianer, then sparsely out a few days, like a beggar on the food front, a pair of invisible hand was instantly taken away. But the next day overcast up, Dream beauty pro or that way. People helpless.

My heart is gradually calm down, watching a little smaller than a sesame seeds spider crawling around on the table in front of me, looking for what little elves do? It is quietly moving to attract my attention, but also attracted my mood. For their goals, their sweat does not pay note, realize the value of their lives.

A paper, I answer with pen aggressively. Really pleased. Those topics will most basically, one by one written up. While also encountered after looking in the wrong seat and looking for problems, moving under the table, seize the time to sit down and answer. Although there are not very nice pen problem. Tidy or written. Answer on a lot. Front has not answered, found that last question. Is a map, the map is some silk hair, white silk hair regiment there, here is some water. I looked at, understand, is a contextual essay. Let us look at situations Lenovo, and composition. I talked to people who want to help me, said I was good at it is, without any problems. I thought it was a cloud, following those under rain water. To organize all of their own imagination, rain essay describing it! Is a dream. Wake up Dream beauty pro, even their own can not do such a thing. Had to sit there and stare.

Bird tiny spider again, or did in front of me on the table calmly crawl. Seemed to come to see me, see what I'm doing. I do not know what it was doing. I believe that it is certainly the same spider. It was looking for happiness. Also remind me to write my happiness.

Yes. Living in the community, living in the family. So every day, enough to live comfortably live with, work with. Should fold pregnant gratitude. Thanks for giving me all this social and natural. Especially like to thank my family and friends! Looking for life bit by bit, to let the mind moving things. Find life in the bright spot, lit our hearts, and then let the mind flash, go shine all around. Let life leaving a string of flash footprint! White does not teach one day too.
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Jawbone is being liquidated as its CEO launches a related health startup/article/377697884.html

The slow and painful demise of Jawbone is finally coming to an end, as yet another effort to rejuvenate the business is beginning under a familiar name. After a multi-year struggle to maintain relevance in the consumer wearable market, Jawbone is now liquidating — and thanks to an injection of capital from a new, unnamed investor, some of the driving forces behind the original company are forming a new business called Jawbone Health Hub art supplies storage.

The move was first noted in a report by The Information, and TechCrunch has since independently confirmed the findings with a source close to the matter. It’s not a particularly surprising bit of news — CEO Hosain Rahman has been planning an exit from the consumer market for some time now. We reported earlier this year that the executive was planning to shift the company toward clinical health services rather than continuing to compete with the Fitbits of the world. The same source has since confirmed the new focus. 

In spite of the confusingly similar name, Jawbone Health Hub is a new company with a new, unrelated investor — though some employees have reportedly begun transitioning over to the new team. The company also has posted multiple job listings as Jawbone Health, seeking hardware and software developers and confirming the shift in strategy from the consumer to the clinical. According to its own description:

Jawbone Health is at the forefront of revolutionizing primary care for millions of patients worldwide. Combining more than 20 years of proprietary wearable technology with clinically relevant signals, Jawbone Health connects patients and physicians like never before with continuous, data-driven dialogue Local Express. This unique position of daily directed guidance stands to redefine primary care, while helping people live happier, healthier and longer.

We’ve reached out to Jawbone on the matter, but both Rahman and company are staying quiet — as they have during much of the last couple of years. Jawbone’s Facebook and Twitter accounts went radio silent at the beginning of the year, allowing customer service complaints to pile up in the comments section, unanswered. Last June, Rahman attempted to put to rest rumors that it was abandoning wearables or going away altogether with the less that reassuring sentiment “we’re still committed.”

That lukewarm commitment came a year after funds managed by BlackRock pumped $300 million of additional funding into the company — we’ve also reached out to them and also don’t anticipate a response there, either. Not until the company decides to go public with all of this, at least. In all, the company appears to have raised around $951 million over the years, from the likes of Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins, JP Morgan, Mayfield and Khosla. 

It’s been a long, drawn-out ending for Jawbone, which has origins dating back to the late-90s. Its once-mighty Jambox speaker business was already out of the picture when we reported the company’s pivot earlier this year — and the company appears especially hard hit by the ongoing decline of the wearable industry.

Sherwood Partners is said to be handling the liquidation process, and will be taking charge of the company’s ongoing legal war with Fitbit — one of the last few needles that needs threading for what’s left of Jawbone. In March, the law firm representing Jawbone stepped aside from the fight, citing “professional considerations
stable vpn.”
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