Finally, secretly falling

I inadvertently pick up a falling flowers, residual red petals, covered with shallow thoughts, as if to complain to me why it and inadvertently wind respectively, but missed the past lives, the cold wind blowing cool thin the blossom season of profusion, and then with a silk thread the flowers of beautiful sorrow gently away, nu skin it gently passing by, as if did not come, and leave flowers that bleak and desolate......

Through the beautiful rain slowly beat in my body, cold rain lonely I blurred eyes, just like that, my first time pass by......

Woman such as flower, flower dream, when the bloom season, the breeze wound branch, fly lingering, very touching, but when the seasons change, the wind mill out of date, but leave residual red everywhere, everywhere depression, flowers blooming time of the replay scenes with warmth, dreams, and continually awakened from a dream, constantly looking forward to the continuation of the dream.

I don't want to walk through flowers dense, but sigh for whom the flowers red, is not willing to her most beautiful years time cry, goes by in my hands, this casual comfortable life should Hongxiutianxiang, hair wrapped around the turn, watching the flowers bloom, Yunjuanyunshu, drunk with the prosperous world isn't it.

Another end of spring, very occasionally g-suite cardinal manchester, we again, four eyes relative, not the slightest words, only the sweet memories, memories of the past little warmth, so the fate come together again, just my empty heart still swing, only this time I learned how to use false enthusiasm to affect each other that a little gap, but the good times don't last long, even if I hide nothing better, not fully tasted flavourless me like a baby, no man should bear, and she in order to things began to endless bickering, I finally decided to pique farewell, watched this difficult situation, finally as I do not stop the war, proud that I completely broken, up from your world away.

Woman such as flower, flower waves, when flowers are blooming enchanting, sentimental when, suddenly found each other have missed that year fun rainy season, this kind of sadness may only the wind knows, look, it is gently blowing, blow the pool of water.

After the long years, I wash in red dust, in Men's feelings are changeable. the fickleness of the world infraorder stained glass, get a Tongpi Tiegu, discard all pride and self-esteem to return to the original starting point, but when I accidentally picked up old memories to treasure hidden in my heart slowly back to taste, but as if looking at the distant she took the sweet fly to the sky, I open the hands to seize what, but in the end is what can't catch g-suite manchester, then watched her disappear in the clouds, together with our humble commitment to disappear in smoke, this is my pursuit of the answer, perhaps, we all do not understand, and perhaps the most beautiful can only miss......
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Portland women's killing of wild feline animal

Renee Radziwon, 36, of Portland, an employee at an animal sanctuary in Sherwood, Ore., was killed late Saturday by a wild cat at the facility.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The employee killed this weekend by a wildcat at an Oregon animal sanctuary was described as an experienced worker who was comfortable with the animals she cared for, but is believed to have been alone with an animal in the enclosure.

Renee Radziwon, 36, of Portland, died in the Saturday night attack, Deputy Mark Nikolai of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office said in a statement Sunday.

KGW News reported a cougar was the animal that killed her.

"We are devastated by this loss. Not only was she one of our most dedicated staff members, we thought of her as family. We send our most heartfelt prayers to those she has left behind," said Cheryl Tuller, executive director of the sanctuary.

Tuller added that Radziwon had been working at the sanctuary as the head keeper for 8 years and was a certified tech.

The sanctuary is located in the suburb of Sherwood, outside Portland.

In a statement, the sanctuary said it has strict safety protocols ruling the entrance of a person into an enclosure. Its handbook specifies that two qualified staff members be present during the lock-out of a "dangerous" animal.

Sanctuary officials said they believe Radziwon was alone in the enclosure at the time of the attack. Officials said they are still investigating.

"Her relationship with the cats was amazing," Jim Caliva, a WildCat Haven Sanctuary board member, told The Oregonian. "She knew exactly what she was doing, but apparently there was a mistake. I don't know what it could be."

Sheriff's Sgt. Robert Wurpes said Saturday that the animal was locked in a cage following the attack.

WildCat Haven officials did not immediately respond to a telephone and email messages left by The Associated Press Sunday.

Its website describes the facility as a "last hope" for more than 60 wildcats that have been abandoned or abused, including bobcats, cougars, lynx and tigers.

Caliva said Radziwon worked with all the cats at the sanctuary.

"They knew her and walked up to the fence," he told The Oregonian. "She was one of the best people I've ever met."

Cheryl and Michael Tuller opened the facility in 2001.

Last summer, the sanctuary announced plans to move from its 8-acre facility in Sherwood to an 82-acre site near Silverton and launched a fundraising effort. The Tullers did not set a timetable for the move, The Oregonian reported.

The facility is not open to the public, but does provide on-site tours to donors.

In February, a 24-year-old woman interning at a California wildcat park was killed by a lion while she was cleaning the cage. The woman's family called the incident at Cat Haven an accident. In that case, investigators believed the 5-year-old male lion lifted the door of a partially closed feeding cage with its paw and killed Dianna Hanson as she cleaned a bigger enclosure area.

Family members said they didn't believe it was a mauling, but rather a lion's rough play that turned tragic.
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Remove from tonight

Dublin City Council confirmed the move this afternoon, saying that there has been an increase in production at the Ballymore Eustrace Water Treatment Plant where the problem arose.

However it warned that water pressure will remain low in the evenings over the coming weeks as the local authorities try to gain additional treated water shortage in the run up to the high demand of the Christmas season.

“This is normal practice at this time of year,” Dublin City Council said in a statement g-suite cardinal manchester.

Environment Minister Phil Hogan said engineers had been working around the clock to fix the problem in the face of an “unprecedented situation”.

Dublin City Council, which spoke on behalf of the four affected local authorities during the water problems, thanked customers for their patience.

“Due to the cooperation of all water users, we managed to save a significant amount of water and our regional strategic storage, which was at an extremely and unsustainable low level over the past week, has improved g-suite in oldham,” Dublin City Council said in a statement.

The restrictions had been in place across the greater Dublin area since 30 October from 8pm at night until 7 o’clock in the morning.

Dublin City Engineer Michael Philips urged people to help conserve water by restricting their use of water during the day as much as possible.

“If all o four customers implement simple conservation measures, this would also significantly reduce the likelihood of future restrictions being implemented which could arise from extrmely cold weather or from issues with water production cardinal manchester,” he said.
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